quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

Privatized prisons are slavery

Regarding the recent decision by the USSC to have 36,000-46,000 prisoners from California prisons freed within five years due to overcrowding which has been ruled a violation of the eighth amendment and its dissent on the court: There is a reason why certain USSC justices like Scalia and Alito are against it, and it isn't safety issues. It is because they are corporate shills and know that doing this will decrease profits for the private corporations now running our prisons into the ground. It is they who are responsible for the conditions in our prisons that led to this. Private prison corporations make thousands a year on every warm body in a cell, and these soulless bastards don't care how they get there, just as long as they do. Last statistics I read stated that 1 out of every 25 Americans were in prison, a majority there due to non violent offenses. Our prison system is nothing more than legalized commoditized slavery and is an affront to the moral core of what America should stand for. Of course, that does not defend those in our prisons there convicted of violent crimes who are truly guilty and deserve to be be punished for those crimes. However, we have a constitution for a reason, and I would think Scalia and Alito would know that considering where they sit.And based on the stories coming out of prisons, overcrowding isn't the only violation of the eighth amendment we are seeing in them and not just in California...

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Mensagem de boas-vindas

"...Quando um voluntário é essencialmente um visitador prisional, saiba ele que o seu papel, por muito pouco que a um olhar desprevenido possa parecer, é susceptível de produzir um efeito apaziguador de grande alcance..."

"... When one is essentially a volunteer prison visitor, he knows that his role, however little that may seem a look unprepared, is likely to produce a far-reaching effect pacificatory ..."

Dr. José de Sousa Mendes
Presidente da FIAR