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This book provides in-depth original and critical analyses by leading scholars of the penal systems of 16 nations around the world, focusing on changes in social structure, culture, and punishment since 1975. Contributors provide an international and comparative context in which to understand the impact of recent profound economic, political, and social changes on penal theory and practice.Key themes include: the effects of capitalist globalization on the "penal climate" the politicization of crime and the concomitant decline of liberalism and growing intolerance in penal systems an alarming increase in the percentage of foreign and women prisoners, especially in Western Europe, the US, and Latin America the decline of productive work within prisons nearly everywhere growing managerialism, selective incapacitation, the proliferation of super-maximum security units, and growing privatization throughout the industrialized worldContributors: Dario Melossi and Mark G. Let

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"...Quando um voluntário é essencialmente um visitador prisional, saiba ele que o seu papel, por muito pouco que a um olhar desprevenido possa parecer, é susceptível de produzir um efeito apaziguador de grande alcance..."

"... When one is essentially a volunteer prison visitor, he knows that his role, however little that may seem a look unprepared, is likely to produce a far-reaching effect pacificatory ..."

Dr. José de Sousa Mendes
Presidente da FIAR